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Mission Statement

The mission of the Providence Biennial is to generate curated exhibitions of contemporary art in Rhode Island that expose individuals and communities to transformative experiences, provoking new ways of seeing, thinking and engaging with others. As an adventuresome effort to strengthen new curatorial practices, experienced Biennial board members mentor emerging curators and artists in realizing ambitious, creatively conceived exhibitions, installations or interventions.



Statement of Purpose

The core program proceeds from an understanding of art’s capacity to disrupt and transform conventions of perception and experience. Through an extended partnership, informed by  concentrated periods of mentored incubation, opportunities are developed for the realization of provocative curated projects. The guided collaboration helps shape resource building through the challenge of making strategic connections with patrons, and of finding alignment with host venues as contexts—whether institutional, nascent or alternative spaces.



Vision Statement

The Biennial program initiates, establishes and deepens stakeholder and community alliances.